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I've been a front-end developer for 6 years running

I'm an experienced and down-to-earth nerd, specializing in responsive, interactive UX. I thrive on creativity and problem solving, bringing awesome solutions to awesome projects. I also write, draw, and make face-melting bass riffs.

I live, work, and play music in Minneapolis. My skills are currently rocking, a social sharing site for outdoor enthusiasts. Feel free to ping me on LinkedIn or check out my resume.

Thrill On

Sleek designs, built to drive engagement . Thrill On

Front-end developer & UX Designer . Ruby on Rails, jQuery . LINK is a social-sharing site for outdoor and action-sports enthusiasts. Our owner had a simple goal: he wanted a redesigned user experience that was so engaging and simple that even his 6-year-old daughter could use the site.

Working closely with him to develop a series of clear, simple objectives, I designed and executed a sleek, straightforward layout using a special blend of responsive and adaptive techniques. We incorporated and elaborated on our brand and goals in a way that simplified and communicated the core concept — Being home to the world's most epic and awesome photos, videos, & gear — every day.

  • Scalable, Ruby on Rails application
  • User-centric, analytics-based design
  • Fully-responsive, SCSS implementation
  • Rich media experience, using various plugins (Youtube, Vimeo, Embedly, etc.)
Thrill On HTML 5 Uploader

Interactive, user-centric experiences . Thrill On HTML 5 Uploader

Front-end/Mid-tier developer . Ruby on Rails, SCSS, Coffeescript, jQuery . LINK

User-created media is part of the backbone of, and it was essential to achieve a simple, user-friendly interface for its community of thousands to upload content.

We rocked it. Using an arsenal of cutting-edge web sorcery, we created an easy-to-use, mobile-ready photo and video uploader that provides one of the best upload experiences on the web.

  • Multiple file upload capabilities using HTML 5 FileReader
  • jQuery/HTML 5 drag-and-drop functionality
  • Reads content from device, URL, or bookmarklet tool
  • Graceful degradation back to IE9 and below
  • Detailed usage tracking using Google Analytics
Thrill On Brand Pages

Captivating, hug-inducing applications . Thrill On Brand Pages

Front-end developer & UX Designer . Ruby on Rails, CSS 3, Javascript . LINK

Hundreds of huge brands show off their gear on, including Garmin, Polaris, REI, Burton, and more. Our marketing team needed a way to entice new brands to jump on board and easily sign them up for an account. We also needed sexy profile pages that would keep their brand looking sharp.

We didn't just create kick-ass profile pages - we built a Javascript onboarding process that dynamically scrapes a brand's Facebook content to create a mockup of their Thrill On profile page in real time. They could see their page and its potential impact before ever signing up.

And damn did it work. We compiled a large portfolio of eager brands. Our sales lead loved my designs and custom WYSIWYG editor so much he hugged me. It was weird for both of us.

  • Rich & engaging front-pages exhibit brands' products and media to thousands of relevant enthusiasts
  • Leveraged Facebook's Javascript SDK
  • Easy-to-use WYSIWYG page editor
  • Won 1/3 of the online advertising revenue of an un-nameable multinational GPS corporation (split evenly between Facebook and Twitter)
International Trucks

High-profile clients . International Trucks

Front-end developer . Java/Vignette, CSS 3, jQuery/Javascript . LINK

My favorite Fortune 500 name-drop is Navistar International, the largest client I've worked with.

I was in charge of front-end web development for their enormous flagship truck line, International Trucks. It was a playground of fun features and cool designs.

  • Created pixel-perfect, fully-functional websites from client designs
  • Maintained feeds, features, and contests in widely-used loyalty program, International Advantage
Consumo 2: The Top Knot

GAMES!!1 . Consumo 2: The Top Knot

Designer & Actionscript developer . LINK

I developed this game as a sequel to the addicting game-within-a-game from Rockstar's Bully.

I disabled the high score system because some guy named "ASS" kept winning.

  • Designed all game sprites and art
  • Scripted all game mechanics
  • Destroyed all productivity at my agency for a day

Designing for design . Hoodscapes

Designer & developer . HTML . CSS . Javascript . Flash . Wordpress . LINK

Chris Hood is a landscaper from South Dakota. Through a mutual contact, he saw my work and asked me to build him a portfolio website.

A Flash photo gallery and a contact form are the main pieces to the site.

  • Flash/Actionscript rotating homepage banner (remember when Flash was a thing?)
  • Custom Wordpress theme for blog section
My Old Portfolio

Personal progress . My Old Portfolio

I did every. damn. thing . LINK

This was my original portfolio site. I made it in college and it's been working hard for me ever since. The Live-Traced, pencil doodle theme is the culmination of my art style, "Immortalizing the Sketch".

The site was built with Flash, so it was time for it to die. Some deeper links won't work, but you can play with all the cool interactions.

  • Flash animations abound to highlight my awesomeness
  • Consistently applauded by tech recruiters (they eat this stuff up)
  • Are you really reading all this?
Families for God

Working out of my element . Families for God

Designer & developer . PHP . HTML . CSS, Javascript . LINK

I like Tim Burton flicks, gory zombie adventures, and haunted houses. So designing a website for a large, family-centered church convention isn't really my bag.

But I did it. It looked and worked great, and it was fundamental in drawing record visitors from all over the country.

  • Crisp, clean, custom design
  • Google Maps API integration helped Grandma and Grandpa find their way around the Minneapolis events
  • Got publicly thanked by a pastor in a sermon, so now I can't die


"I highly recommend Brian if you need a full-stack developer. He is one of the best Javascript developers I know and his willingness to learn more about server-side technologies makes him an invaluable asset."

-Nick Mueller, from Thrill On

"Brian is a creative graphic designer who works well with a team, and manages his time well... he took pride in his work. He was very personable with a good sense of humor, and he was respectful and displayed good midwestern values. I highly recommend Brian."

-Joe Barton, Founder & CEO of Barton Publishing Inc.

"Without a doubt, this man is a great leader... He provides great motivation and his own creative insight that no one can match or come close to."

-Tamara Alho, from Southwest Association of Graphic Design

"Brian was a great team leader with quality creativity and design skills. He had a great sense of humor and was great to work with."

-Travis Christians, from Southwest Association of Graphic Design

"He is unusual in the best kind of way, and very, very good at what he does."

-Ruthe Thompson, Editor-in-Chief of SMSU Spur Newspaper


Bass . guitar . face noises . soundcloud

I've been playing music all my life. I started with the trumpet in elementary school and worked my way up to the guitar. When I was 16, I discovered the melodic percussive magic of the bass, and I've been hooked ever since.

I released my first EP — Brian the Great and Terrible — on Halloween 2014.


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